Case studies

Audio installation case studies…

We can provide the perfect installation in your venue. Our team are experts in getting the best possible performance to suit your budget and requirements. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients enjoy great sound.

Student Union Bar – Bedford

Our client wanted a system for background music in this new venue covering two zones and the provision simple operation for speech PA.

Our flexible solution allows staff to control playback from behind the bar using an ipod dock and the addition of easy to operate sockets mean the system is extendable for events and for performers outside the bar.
We selected a Yamaha amplifier added rack mixer, processor, four 8inch speakers and an active sub.

St Georges School Chapel - Harpenden

In this historic building, our client wanted a system suitable for bands and great sound for speech which combined high performance but was visually unobtrusive.
Our solution included: HK audio elements micro line arrays and discreet HK audio sub re-arranging of existing speakers set to delay and reprogrammed and equalised existing processors.