Large Concert System

4 Way Compact Line array system.

Suitable for: (Up to approximately 3000 people.) Festivals, Open Air concerts, Live Music, Tours, etc


15k FOH System (8x 18”Subs, 8x 2x10”Sub, 16x Compact Cohedra Line Array Top, 2x CTA208 front fill) *Bigger FOH Systems are available. Please tell us about your event and we can provide a bespoke solution to suit your needs. Mixer – 48ch Digital Console. Foldback - 10 way mix, 44 channel Digital Monitor Console with Mic Splitter (10x Wedge Monitors plus drum fill sub) Mics etc - Full Band Mic Kit (6x Vocal mics, 6x Instrument Mics, 6x Di Boxes, Drum Mic kit, 2x Handheld Radiomic) Inc. Cables, stands etc.

Crew 2 Sound Engineer

2 Additional Technician.