Standard Covers Band / Small Gig

3 Way Sub / Sat system.

Suitable for: (Approx. 200 people.) Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Functions, Gigs etc.


3k FOH System (2x18” Subs, 2x15” Tops, Inc. Amplification Etc.) Mixer – 24 channel digital (or analogue console with outboard if preferred) Foldback - 4way mix (4x12” Wedge Inc. Amplification Etc.) Mics etc - Full Band Mic Kit (4x Vocal mics, 4x Instrument Mics, 4x Di Boxes, Drum Mic kit, 1x Handheld Radiomic) Inc. Cables, stands etc.


1 Sound Engineer 1 Additional Technician.

(* Please note: We have a matching Lighting setup available.)